Well I arrived here after drivine 4 hours through some really crappy weather. Then I could not find parking close to the convention center, and then the line. The line was about 3 times longer than last year.

I’m in the DAY stage cafe listening to the Author of Principles of Beautiful design. He seems to be a very nervous speaker, yet knowledgable. It’s the only thing I was able to attend today because of the traffic and the 60 minute wait in the line.

It’s the question and answer session. I must admit I’m not into a full learning mode yet. I have to get my brain and rest of my body wired for the crazyness. I’m sure it will kick in soon enough.

In about 5 hours my design gather begins. I am super excited. 30 some people said they will be coming. I feel like I should prepare a speech. (But I won’t).