Last night was my little get together of UI Designers. It was smaller than I had hoped but there was still a lot of interesting conversation. This morning I was working in the hall when I stopped Robert Hoekman to say hi. I figure I should, since in about 1 hour I’m heading off to his panel at the Hilton “The 7 Rules of Great Wep Application Design. It should be a great presentation.

The day is jam packed full of events and panels. My goal is to meet 20 – 30 new people today and pass out the business cards.  And to interrupt the thought process. A guy just passed me at the hall and saw my delicious McDonald’s breakfast and was like “Where is the McDonald’s?” Of course, it’s about 6 miles from here. I guess the convention center likes to corner the market on food.

And back to the original thought. I need to meet around 20 people today. It’s the whole purpose for being here. I just wish the weather was warmer it makes meeting people so much easier. I may have to do more hall stops and say hi!

I uploaded some pictures to flickr.

Enjoy The SXSW 2009 Pictures

Change In Plans

So I decided it would be more beneficial to attend “Making Web Widgest Accesible” panel. You can follow my conversation and my ideas and notes as I type them in the design forum

Day 2 Wrap Up

Day 2 was busy. The best panel by far of the day was about designer & programmer differences. It was a great banter back and forth of ideas. We spoke about successful teams, team dynamics and a ton more. I will probably do an article on this later.

I also went to the PSB Party. It was nothing like it was last year. This was at a small bar with 2 drink tickets and no food. It was sad, but kinda of expected in this economy. I left the party early and went to see Boag’s live podcast from Boag World.  Afterwards I went up spoke for a bit, told him how great the podcasts were and plugged my site.   If you run into him around SXSW he is extremely nice and really cares about his fan base. I’ll be contacting him later to talk about some agile UI podcasts.

After Boag it was off to the Frog Design Party at the mexican cultural center. It was a great even this year and I took lots of pictures. I met many interesting people and then walked back because it was getting cold!

Once again check out the link for more great photos: