I’ve been extremely busy working on a new article series, as well as some more work on agile UI articles.  Beyond that I have added a few things to the web site. The first was linking my TWITTER account directly to the blog. It provides me another way to quickly provide news, articles, etc without having to write an entire article.  You can see this on the right the navigation of the site.  I really try to twitter about things UI related.

The second change is I started doing 2-3 minute audio blogs to supplement articles as well as other topics on my mind. The first one was posted today  The audio blogs will show up in the twitter feed to the right. You will also see them show up if you are following me.
I plan on doing an article featuring some of the best of my Audio Blogs every month or so. Thank you for your readership. The next upcoming article I’m working on takes a look at a fictious application “Babyspace”  as we look at rapidly testing usability and design and knowing what to test when.

Also I will be posting a blog roll sometime in the feature of all the hundreds of blogs I pay attention to. Right now I have about 1000+ articles to skim so I am a little bit behind in my daily routines.

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