The other day I came across an interesting article “Stop Developing for Internet Explorer 6” .¬† My initial thought was great I finally can stop developing for IE 6. Of course, that was just a pipedream. On many of my applications I still have a large captive IE 6 audience. Unfortunately, I can’t quite yet yank the rug out from them and force upgrades.

IE 6 gives me headaches beyond belief. Instead of developing standardized code. I sometimes have to bastardize the syntax. Even when using my own modified reset.css style sheet inspired by Eric Meyer there are still issues that pop up that cause additional work.

IE 6 is a demon that still won’t go away. Sadly, I still have to make my time sacrifice to the demon. I can only hope that Google Chrome will solve IE 6 issues sooner so we as experience, web application, and web designers don’t have to suffer through the tortue and pain of a relatively new browser on the scene.