Author: uxteacher

UI Design Software Review: Flair Builder v1.6

Recently, I received a copy of Flair Builder , a new wire-frame, mock and interactive prototyping tool. As many of my readers know, I am very much for utilizing paper prototyping for the first few iterations of a design. Of course, when I need to present something to a client I try to clean up the design as well as illustrate complex interactions. This is where a tool like Flair Builder can come in handy.

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Site News: The State of the UI Design Guide Union

I’ve been extremely busy working on a new article series, as well as some more work on agile ux articles. Beyond that I have added a few things to the web site. The first was linking my TWITTER account directly to the blog. It provides me another way to quickly provide news, articles, etc without having to write an entire article.

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