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So what is this corporate thinkers site all about?

As 100% of the web tends to be, this is a work in progress. This site is structured towards the corporate & in-house designer. The current plan is to outline web application projects and provide tips, examples, design patterns, and best practices for the delivery of “CTHINKER Fake APP”. More about this later on as I define the process. The goal is not to go into details about the programmatic elements and database structuring of a web applications creation (although these things may be included). Instead, myself and our guest writers will be focusing on the process that brings a web application design from the vision to the final core product. Along the way each example may have fake image samples, ideas, story requirements all building up to the culimination of the project. So why do all this you may be asking yourself. Well to be quite frank nothing like this really exists on the web or in the blogsphere.  I have also found that putting my own thoughts and ideas out there for you the user to dissect, criticize, and generally tear-apart will help me in my own efforts to become the best Analyst, Implementor & User Experience Designer I can be. My hope is that you too will gain and benefit from my mistakes or the mistake of others. Not to mention, I’ve been doing this web design thing...

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Are you a corporate thinker?

Welcome To Corporate Thinkers. This web site is dedicated to the corporate designer & application developer. The inspiration for this web site was derived from my visit to SXSW. While there I spoke with many corporate designers and developers. I shared many ideas and gained many inspirations from my fellow corporate designers & developers. This site is structured to both give advice on topics such as: corporate roadblocks, corporate development cycles, consistent application design, and many more topics to come.  In addition I hope to provide concrete examples on user interface design as it pertains to web-based applications and consistent design patterns....

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